Sunday, April 17, 2011

Last Day of the computer class

Yesterday was the last day of the computer class. We spent a lot the time in the morning reviewing all that we had learned.  Then we learned about email. They were so excited. We logged into Yahoo France and everyone got to create an email account. It was much harder than it sounds. The internet signal was not real strong and made it difficult to confirm the accounts. Plus, it was a very steep learning curve for applying what they learned. They really thought hard about each of the required questions that you have to answer to create an account. It took us a few hours to get everyone setup. But the results! Everyone in class has an email account and they started swapping addresses so they can communicate with each other. Pastor Bastia promised them that they can come on Saturday afternoons and they will have the lab setup for them.  They are so excited.

Then it was time to hand out certificates. You had to attend every day in order to get a certificate of completion. This was an important lesson for them to learn. If they weren't there, I wouldn't sign the certificate. It helped teach responsibility for the students and it showed them what it means to have professional integrity.  It was well received.

After we handed out the certificates each of the students got up and said thank you. They told me how this has completely changed their lives. They can't believe this opportunity that they could never afford a class like this. As Haiti develops and begins to offer jobs, computer skills are a requirement. If you don't have any experience or a certificate, you won't even be considered for a job. They are excited to have a future.

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  1. Beautiful photos Brian. Awesome to see God using your gifts to really make a difference in their lives. How's Tina's tower art coming?