Friday, April 15, 2011

What a Day!

What an incredible day today. Where do we even start?

Today was the first day that Tina got to really work on the radio station. She was able to accomplish a lot. While she was painting she also spent a lot of time with her "six little friends". She passed out paper and crayons and the kids around her colored and talked with her and played with her. She gave them little pieces of her Cliff bars and that was a big hit.  She also brought out some balls for them to play with and had a blast listening to them giggle.

I started on day3 of the computer class today. It was quite an experience. We reviewed network and the Internet and the difference between the two. It was a really hard concept. After two hours it began to pour down rain and I got concerned for all the computer equipment so we packed it up real quick.  We thought we were going to end the class and then we changed our minds. We just let people ask questions for a long time. Some of the questions were awesome. When they learned that we get Internet in Haiti via satellite, they wanted to know how the satellite got into space, who maintains it, etc. It was fun. They we really stretching my knowledge! Then we went into the office here and showed them how the satellite connects to the modem, which connects to the router, which allows the computers to access the Internet. It was a great "hands on" activity.  They are really wanting more lab time so they can get more experience.

After dinner tonight some of the teachers came by. We gave them some art books that Tina had purchased for the classrooms. The teachers LOVED them! They never get to do art, nor do they have any experience. We told them that we would do an art lesson tomorrow and let the kids paint. They have never painted before, so the teachers are as excited as the kids. I then asked the teachers what they thought of the computer class. They said that all significant jobs in Haiti require that you know something about computers or they won't even hire you. They can't believe all the opportunities that this opens to them. It was a great conversation.

They've already asked us to come back next year. They want me to figure out how we can get some kind of computer certification for the people here. And they want Tina to come back and teach some of the ladies how to make jewelry. They ave a lot of poor woman, many widows, and this would be an opportunity for them to support themselves and their children. Tina is very excited! We both are. :)

Please continue to pray for us. The heat is pretty overwhelming sometimes. They have plans for me teach all day on Saturday (starting at 8 and going until whenever). Right now it has been about 4 hours a day and that has been very tiring.  It doesn't help that my feet are swollen like sausages! For some reason the mosquitoes only like me. Oh well. There is so much to be thankful for. God is so good.

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  1. SO COOL to hear and see how the Lord is using you guys to give these folks skills otherwise unavailable to them in their little village. Praying that today and tomorrow are just as productive AND that the Lord gives you guys supernatural strength and endurance. Drink lots of Water!!! :)