Monday, April 11, 2011

We've Arrived

It was a long, uncomfortable and bumpy flight from San Francisco to Miami. We arrived tired and groggy.  We were blessed to meet some other Christians who were ehading to Haiti to do mission work. There were three pastors heading to something called the "Leadership Connection" - which is where they would be teaching at a gathering of 200 pastors. We also met a sister in Christ who brings power supplies (solar, etc) that provide power to 40 homes. She might be able to get this to Caneille - Pastor Bastia was very excited to learn of that.

The flight to Port-au-Prince was nice and smooth. We went through customs without a hitch. Once you get past customs it is always chaotic.  We held our ground and waited inside the iron gates for Bastia to come pick us up.  It was about 4 or so hours to get to Canielle in the truck. It is amazing to see how far Haiti has come. The infrastructure along the way has improved drastically in the past year. There is a paved road to Hinche (a large town about 3/4 of the way to Caneille).  And the govt is working to get powerlines and telephone lines all the way from the hydroelectric plant miles away.

We had a warm and welcome greeting from Betty and we are already getting our plans ready for training this week. Originally I was going be teaching about 8 people. Now they have asked me to teach about 30 people. It doesn't matter how much I plan, God has a way of changing things. We'll how the first day of training goes tomorrow.

It was such a blessing to see how much has changed here at the mission house. The school kitchen is completed and it looks amazing!  The new church has walls up and they are saving for the roof to be completed. The have need for an electrician for many different things, so there are things to pray for.

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  1. We are glad to hear you made it safely. It sounds like our Lord has everything planned out. He's just taking His time giving you the details! Stay close to Him and know that we're praying for you. Jeff & Karen