Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What a blessing!

Class yesterday was so successful. We've had nothing but positive feedback on the class. The attendees are studying their notes and trying to memorize all the terminology that was thrown at them. They now know the parts that make up a computer, they can turn it on, login, and search for files. Today we'll be reviewing, learning to switch between programs, using control panel more, personalize their desktop, etc. It is very important to learn how to work with files & folders, so we will spend lots of time on that. I'm looking forward to teaching them about networks. Currently, no one knows what a network is. Having a background in computer networking makes this an easy and fun topic for me. And they are eager to learn it!

Tina began working on the radio tower today. They built her a very nice (and sturdy) platform to use. Within an hour she was feeling the heat and had to take a break. Please pray for Tina's safety and tolerance of the heat. It is very hot here in Haiti! We really have to pace ourselves. They are very excited for Tina to finish the mural on the tower so that it can be seen from the road in either direction.

Please keep Haiti in prayer. The needs here are very great. The Calvary Chapel we are working with does so much with what little they have. They provide a school for free, they provide the church, and until recently they had a free medical clinic on Saturdays. They've run out of funds so they can't complete the roof for their church and they had to stop the medical clinic. Diesel for the generator has become very expensive so they are not able to run the radio like they used to. The radio is used to communicate with the community. So when they couldn't have the clinic, they couldn't announce it on the radio! Lots of needs here, lots of prayer needed.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. So cool to hear that the computer training is going so well. These guys are gonna be experts by the end of the week. :)
    Praying for the clinic and diesel.
    Thanks for the great updates guys!